Vegan – Days 11 and 12

At the end of day 10, you might recall that Emma and I made frozen treats:

Well, while my assistant wasn’t big on the coconut flavor from the coconut yogurt, THIS guy loved them.

Here are some other snapshots from days 11 and 12.

Berries for the kids for breakfast. Yum!

And a smoothie bowl for me. (You’re drooling, right??)

A little vegan dinner coming at you.

When William saw the pasta, he said, “Awwww, it’s Mexico noodles.” Then he promptly inhaled it as though he were a human vacuum cleaner. The recipe is Fiesta Pasta from My Plant-Based Family. It was super and made enough for two nights supper easily. I took her suggestion of adding a cup of tomato sauce to the sauce recipe. Next time, I would double (or even triple) the sauce part of the recipe. We like our noodles saucy over here. I actually ended up adding a jar of pasta sauce to our individual plates.

Green Smoothie. This had a couple of small kiwi, a half of a banana, a big handful of spinach, some coconut milk, some coconut yogurt…and, well, honestly I forget, but probably a tablespoon of ground flax and a tablespoon of hemp hearts.

For lunch today, I found myself in a bit of a pickle. I didn’t have time to make a lunch this morning but expected I would have enough time to grab something before I left the office to take my daughter to the orthodontist. I had less time than anticipated and the city was nuts… I tried getting something to go at Freshii and Pita Pit but the mile-long lines meant I just couldn’t wait. In the end, I ran into the new Supplement King and grabbed a bag of vegan protein chips (which were pretty awesome) and a vegan protein bar, also really awesome. 

No lie, neither of the people working at the store knew what “vegan” meant. I mean I totally get that Joe Public may not understand that vegans don’t eat any animal products, including dairy and eggs. Heck, I am JUST learning myself exactly what it means to be vegan. But, I would have expected a guy and a gal who work in a supplement/health food store to know what it means (and what vegan products they have in stock). Nope.

Today’s crowning glory…and really my biggest pride and joy since this journey began…was the almond butter I just made. I got the recipe over at Oh She Glows.

I made it exactly per her directions and it turned out beautifully. (Like, I could sit here and eat it with a spoon, y’all.) And, my Hamilton Beach food processor must be pretty awesome, because it didn’t even take the full 10 minutes to get all goopy and drippy. Thank goodness I made it to be the “special ingredient” in a vegan treat I am making for Canada Day…so I can’t eat it all tonight.

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