Today is a good day.

Hey everyone.
I know today was a scary day here in Prince Edward Island, and emotions were running high. There was confusion, and information in the media was conflicting and hard to understand. It was frustrating. I get it.
But, can I please politely point out that our kids are safe? What happened today was unprecedented…and hopefully this is the only time, ever, that all schools in our little province will have to be evacuated due to a potential security threat.
Can we please remember to be grateful to those who care for our children and to those who are forced to make difficult decisions under immense pressure. I honestly think it is safe to say that EVERYONE tried to do their very best for our kids today.
I’m sure there were many lessons learned on the part of the schools, the Department of Education, the law enforcement agencies, et al. But, they did their best. I’m sure of it.
My kids were safe. Yes, I heard on the radio and in the news that they would be bussed home/to their early closure location from their safe location, and then they weren’t and I had to go get them. And, yes, I was worried that they would be scared and confused. But, they were safe and cared for and having fun in the sun when I got there to collect them.
I choose to be extremely grateful that they were safe and cared for, and I will say a huge thank you to everyone who had a part in putting their safety first. Miss Jolena? Miss Lori? Thank you.
Yes, I know there was confusion and many parents and children had some moments of fear and uncertainty. They didn’t know where to go or what to do. But, the kids were safe.
Let’s (pretty please?) remember that in some parts of the world bombs are actually going off. And, innocent children (and men and women) are actually dying.
We are so lucky. Our children are SO lucky.
Yes, it’s all relative, and life is not perfect for any of us. But, instead of reacting to today’s series of events (from a coordination of evacuation perspective) with rage, blame, anger, and disdain and instead of contributing to rants about how much better we could have done if we were in charge, can we just stop and acknowledge that, today, all is right in our world. PEOPLE: The news could have been that a school (or schools) blew up.
So, please, turn off Facebook for a few minutes, take a deep breath, hug your loved ones and think about how lucky we are that the headlines were not tragic.
One grateful and relieved mom from Prince Edward Island.
Feel free to share the positivity if you agree!

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