One Week Vegan-niversary (Day 8)

So, one week ago today was my first day as a Vegan. It’s been an adjustment but, honestly, not at all a difficult one. I have a long way to go and tons to learn about how to be a healthy vegan. But, instead of feeling anxious or unsure, I feel excited and ambitious.

I started the morning off in style with vegan pancakes:

Then, I dropped Emma off at her Sunday dance class and went to the grocery store to pick up some vegan groceries. For lunch, I had a Silver Hills Raspberry Bagel with natural peanut butter and for supper I had a slice of Daiya vegan pizza. Pretty boring and uninspiring…but I spent several hours at the beach watching the kids have a blast in the sand, so that took up some time.

I did make some overnight oats for tomorrow’s breakfast…so that’s something!

Also, in honor of my one week vegan-niversary…I just watched Forks Over Knives on Netflix. If you haven’t watched this, I beg you to go and watch it right now. But, don’t watch it alone. Watch it with someone you love so you can be inspired together. Seriously. Watch it. Thanks to everyone who suggested it, especially my lovely daughter. I would like everyone I love to watch it now, please. I’m more inspired and motivated than ever! And, more convinced than ever that this is the best, most healthful choice I could have made.

2 thoughts on “One Week Vegan-niversary (Day 8)

    1. Hey! Thanks so much! Cowspiracy was the first one I watched…and next was Vegucated – both were amazing! Forks over Knives last night was the icing on the cake… I have zero doubt that I’m on the right track now!


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