Awesome Adventure Day and Vegan Day 6 (A day-late post)

Years ago, when Jeff and I had just started dating, we had adventure days as often as we could. The outdoors was that awesome thing that brought us together – our shared love of hiking, biking, kayaking, beaching, swimming and camping. We still do all that stuff, regularly, and we still love it. But…it’s very rare these days that we get the chance to do it with out kids trailing behind. But, yesterday was a reminder that doing this stuff together is important. It’s what brought us together and it’s what will keep us together.

So yesterday, we took the day off work, arranged for my parents to pick the kids up at the sitter’s and embarked on a good-old-days adventure. We started out with an hour-long hike where we were picked up and carried away by mosquitos… Well, almost. Even with the bugs, it was a delight to walk through the woods together without anyone whining that their legs were tired or fighting over who gets to be in the lead or falling flat on their faces… I mean, I stumbled a few times but…

After the hike, we went for a bike ride on a beautiful trail near Brackley Beach. It was heaven. Then, after we loaded the bikes back onto the truck, we made our way to the beach where we did nothing but lay on our towels in the sand for over two hours. We finished the day off with dinner downtown followed by more cashew milk fro-“yo”. Best day in a very, very long time. 

And, I learned that eating out when your a vegan is pretty limiting. But, I still managed to find vegan options and I didn’t even cry while Jeff was eating his Brickinator Burger Love from the Brickhouse. I just ate my $12 tomato and avocado salad that consisted of a tomato and half an avocado and felt grateful for such a wonderful day!

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