Becoming Vegan – Day One

I haven’t written here in a long time. I’ve been busy, uninspired and, well, lazy… But, I wanted to document this important day. Here’s how it all started…

A little while ago, my 19-year-old daughter decided to start eating vegan. I was intrigued, impressed and, frankly, a little skeptical of how long it would last. Along the way, she dared me to watch a documentary she had seen on Netflix called Cowspiracy. I resisted for a long time, knowing I was not ready to make a significant change to my own diet and afraid of what I would see that would knock me too far out of my comfort zone to ever look back.

The thing is….literally, for as long as I can remember, I’ve been a little bit uncomfortable eating meat and animal products. In all seriousness, I don’t even really like the taste of meat. So, as I watched her, determined to make changes but also struggling to defend her choice and feeling a little emotional and defensive when questioned, I wanted to show her I at least understood her motives and was in her corner, supporting her. So…last night…I watched the darn documentary. And, then, unable to look away from this idea of letting animals live, I watched another one called Vedgucated. I turned the TV off at 2 o’clock this morning. And, I immediately turned the page into a new chapter of my life. I’m so convinced that Veganism is for me that, here I am, announcing it right here on social media for anyone who’s interested to see….not 24 hours after I decided to take the leap.

Now, here’s where I get real: I’ve made a choice that’s right for me. A choice that will allow me to feel better about myself, my health and my contributions to the world I live in. I am aware that this choice is not feasible, desirable or right for everyone. I solemnly swear not to preach or to judge anyone else whose choices are different. I will not try to force my immediate family (husband and kids) to make this choice but, as I learn more, I hope to educate them and explain why I choose not to eat meat or animal products. I will encourage them to make their own educated choices. 

I will not debate or defend my choice to anyone who simply wants to argue or prove that my choice is wrong. I will post here as often as I feel like it about what I’m learning, what I’m eating and how I’m feeling. Those who aren’t interested should just stop reading and move along. Those who are interested should feel free (and strongly encouraged!) to like my posts, comment on my posts, ask questions about my posts, share my posts or otherwise give me respectful feedback – good or bad.

I’m just starting out and, undoubtedly, have a ton to learn about making Veganism part of my life. I would love to hear from any experienced Vegans who have helpful information to share.

For anyone who wants to actually see exactly what I’m eating, pop over to my page on MyFitnessPal at

10 thoughts on “Becoming Vegan – Day One

  1. Good luck !
    There are some amazing YouTube channels you can check out to help you πŸ™‚
    That Vegan Couple for instance // Light Twins // ect ..

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  2. First let me say you an awesome mom for being so willing to support your daughter. Secondly what an amazing change you’ve decided to make. The planet and the animals thank you πŸ™‚ I’m a non preachy/pushy vegan mom to 3 vegan kids with a vegan partner. It started with me making a change and my family followed suit. ☺️ Some popular resources for vegan recipes are hotforfood ohsheglows thugkitchen mininalistbaker best of luck on your journey!

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  3. I originally went vegetarian just over 4 years ago but ate vegan most of the time. Then in May last year my partner decided he wanted to go vegan so our whole family made the permanent change. Our kids were already vegetarian at that time. So it’s been just over a year.


  4. I am newly vegan myself – 3 months in and I feel fantastic. I love to cook so it has been fun to create in a whole new area of food. My husband is not vegan but our house is – he will eat meat, dairy and eggs if we go out but he has supported me in this change by not bringing those foods into our house.

    Great job!!


    1. Awesome – glad to hear it is going well for you! I tend to do things enthusiastically for a while and then fall off the proverbial wagon. I’m hoping for long-term success and commitment this time and am really hoping my family follows suit…at least at home.


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