Bad Days

This post started because I was having a bad day. It was a half-hearted attempt to alter my state of mind from blah to at least neutral.

We all have bad days now and then. Bad days are just a part of life. Fortunately, so are good days.

I thought I was having a bad day… But, then, I saw a post from someone I know on Facebook that made my heart hurt. And it flipped my perspective upside down. And, I deleted my post.

I realized that sometimes we walk around in a bad mood and say we’re having a bad day. Something or a lot of somethings don’t go our way and we say we’re having a bad day. We’re tired, feeling sorry for ourselves, cranky. Bad. Day. But, really? It’s just a day. We won’t even remember that today was a bad day next week or next year.

The really bad days we’ll remember. The day a loved one dies. The day we, or someone we love, gets a scary diagnosis. The day there’s a tragic accident. The day we unexpectedly lose our job. The day a terrorist wins. These are bad days. These are the days that will leave scars. These are the days we need support. The days we need our friends to lift us up and carry us through until we’re steady enough to walk again.

To my friend who recently lost a loved one: we haven’t seen each other much lately, but you are in my thoughts. You are one of those people who shine light on everyone you come into contact with, and I smile every time I think of your beautiful face. I’m so sorry for your loss. Please know I’m thinking of you and wishing you comfort and peace.

To all of my loved ones: I love you.

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