Accountability Post

So…last night I mused about Regression and how it’s a thing for me. I made a mini-pledge that today I was going to start travelling in the right direction…particularly with respect to eating junk food. I’m sure you’re all waiting with baited breath wondering how I did… 🙂

I had this for breakfast: Yummy delicious overnight oats topped with half a banana and a sliced strawberry.

I had a very busy morning at work, so I didn’t eat again until lunch time…when I ate this: mango chicken panini and cappuccino from Timothy’s.

For supper, we made naan bread pizzas….and they were so pretty…but I forgot to take a pic.  😦

I tracked my food on MFP and was under my calorie goal.

I really wanted a chocolate-covered granola bar after supper. Instead, I had a glass of water. And turned my kitchen from this

 To this:


I also sat down with the little Littles and watched an episode of Fuller House. 

I’m calling this day a success. Go me. 

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