Regression. It’s a thing.

Those of us who have kids know what regression is. It’s the potty-trained toddler that, all of a sudden, starts having accidents. It’s the baby who’s been sleeping through the night for months and, out of nowhere, starts waking up every two hours. 

But regression is not something that applies only to babies and kids. In fact, I would say adults are much more prone to regression than the average child. I mean kids learn so much so quickly and they keep that knowledge forever – reading, writing, how to use a fork…. As adults, we learn stuff, we make realizations and then we promptly forget about it in favour of convenience.

Sometimes, I feel like life is a constant, repetitive loop of one step forward, two steps back. 

Healthy eating? I can go from months of eating nothing but clean, natural whole foods, absolutely no added sugar, tracking every calorie, to eating every piece of junk in sight….it starts with one cookie and then…kaboom!

Meal planning? I can follow a meal plan to the letter for months. But some little thing goes wrong, like I have to work late or a kid gets sick…and it’s eating out three (or six) times a week.

Minimalism? I can go from purging and organizing every spare moment of the day for weeks. Take one night off because “I deserve it” and….bam….I can barely get off the couch to wash the supper dishes…for weeks.

Workout routine? 6 am workouts four times a week to…yawwwwn….maybe tomorrow. (Actually, I still get up for 6 am workouts three or four times a week…but it’s only a matter of time…)

It sounds bad…and, you know what? It is bad. It makes me feel horrible. I tell myself daily that tomorrow I’ll pick myself back up again…but, inevitably, I find some little excuse to be lazy.

I wish I could say this post is a pledge to stop regressing for good, but that would be a joke. I feel like it’s just a part of life for me. So, instead, it’s a mini pledge for small success. It’s a conscious decision that it’s time for the pendulum to swing the other way… So, tomorrow, I start with nutritious eating. Just one day to start. No chocolate covered granola bars. Lots of water. Maybe some fruit and veggies.

And, since I have announced it to the Internet, I have to be accountable. So, tomorrow night, I will post and let you know if I managed not to eat my weight in junk.

Wish me luck!

2 thoughts on “Regression. It’s a thing.

  1. Great post! I never thought of my backsliding as regression but it really is. Hey, best of luck with your decision to not eat junk. Looking forward to your post of success!

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    1. So far so good! I had overnight oats for breakfast…and nothing since as I’ve been too busy… I didn’t bring a lunch to work…so I’m heading out in search of some healthy eats! I’ll post my progress report tonight!

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