A Little Distracted

I’ve been a little distracted lately. Not really in a bad way, but at first in a “time to plan a vacation that I said I wasn’t going to take” kind of way. Now, in a “time to dream about the vacay I am going to take in 33 more sleeps” kind of way.  

Anyone who knows me will understand that I love to travel. And planning to travel is at least half the fun. I think, for me, the planning has always been an outlet for relieving day-to-day stresses. Real life can sometimes be a bummer. What better way to combat the mundane than with planning an escape, right? Right.

Even when the planning part is done, there’s lots to do. I mean – I can look at pictures of where I’m going on TripAdvisor and Facebook. I can show the kids pictures of all our other trips to the same resort. Sure, let’s get them hopped up on trip planning adrenaline, too. It’s fun! So, can you guess what happens when you tell a 4-year-old and a 7-year-old that Mommy and Daddy are taking them to Mexico next month? And then show them beautiful pictures of the beach, the pool, the sun, the sand, the WATER PARK?!? And then tell them they only have to wait 36 sleeps?

They want today to be over. They want every day between now and departure to be over. They want to go NOW.

So….this is not good. And, here’s why. There are a lot of moments between now and April 10 that have the potential to be great moments. But, if we spend every moment dreaming about that moment when we arrive in paradise…we’ve wasted them all. Not every moment between now and then is going to be awesome…but every moment is going to be what we make it.

And. The only moment that is guaranteed to be a moment at all is THIS MOMENT. What if we spend a bunch of moments dreaming about how great the moments on vacation will be…and then something bad happens and there is no vacation? Anything could happen.

So, I need to do a better job of teaching the littles that, sure, vacation will probably be fun. But, THIS is good, too. Today is fun. Every day has the potential to be the best day ever. Pizza Delight for supper??? Yes! Listening to Emma sing Dolly Parton’s Coat of Many Colours? Fun!?! Watching William wiggle his butt like nobody’s business? OMG, so fun! Talking to Brenna about “Kenny”? Hysterically funny and fun and mildly intriguing… Who IS Kenny anyway??? Getting an email with Cameron’s university graduation picture? Amazing! Learning that Devon got an 88 on a math test? Wooooohooooo!

This moment is life. It’s not going to be better when I’m on vacation, when I lose 20 pounds, when I get that job, when I have more money, when I have less stress. Life happens in the now. There’s no pause button. This is not a phase or an interlude. This is IT. And this is AWESOME.

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