A Little Action

I stumbled across a cool blog today called Break the Twitch.

Every article I read, but particularly the video he posted in this clip, really resonated with me. He talks about the difference between saying you’re going to do something versus actually doing something. And, he points out that the difference between the two only needs to be a small, minuscule task.

I think this is a life lesson that many of us could really benefit from.

There are some other really cool posts, too. He recommends you start here. I particularly like his post, How We Spend Our Days

This reminder is exactly what I needed today:

Every day we have an opportunity to be present, truly think about what matters most to us, and live that reality. We can be the person that wakes up early to start the day with meditation, whether we were that person yesterday or not. Is it not amazing to know that we have the power to control the present and be whoever it is that we desire to be?

Anyway, in the spirit of taking a little action, this evening after supper, I spent three minutes making a drawer that started out like this:

…turn into this:

And, I’m pretty excited at the joy that drawer with less will bring me every time I open it. So, yay, me.

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