Wake Up – Because Life is Short

Life is short. So damn short. So why do we keep living like tomorrow is guaranteed? It’s not. People die. Good people die. Good people die young…when they still have stuff to do.

We walk around assuming it’s not going to happen to us or, worse, to someone we love. We assume that we still have tomorrow to be the person we wish we were today.

But, it’s time to wake up and get real. Because that phone call could come any moment. That tragic, life-changing or life-ending incident could be just around the corner. The cancer, the car accident, the end.

If you knew today was your last day, would you have regrets? If you knew today would be the last day for someone you love, would you have regrets? I damn well would. But, I want to change that.

Why? Why are we not living the lives we want to be living? Why are we putting off being the people we want to be? Because we can do it later? No! Today is all we have. No excuses. No being a victim. No “life is hard”. This is it. Hard? Yes. But, it’s probably the only life we get. So make it special. This moment = life. Savour it. Live it. Be the real you.

Think of your loved ones. Picture their faces. Feel the love you have for them. Appreciate them. Be grateful for them. Love them. Today.

Think of your loved ones who have left this earth. Picture their faces. Regrets? Let the regrets go. Be grateful for the time you had with them. Let the lessons their life and death taught you wash over you. Let those lessons guide your life, today.

Who do you want to be? Think deeper than skinnier, more organized or “better”. I want to be kind, gentle, peaceful. I want to live a healthy life so I increase my chances of being here for my loved ones longer. I want to be present in this and every moment. I want to crank less and encourage more. I want to love.

I don’t want more things. I don’t want more money. I don’t want fame or fortune or recognition. I want a simple life. I want just enough. And, I want to share the extra because I recognize so many people don’t have enough. I want to give what I can and to take only what I need.

I hate that someone has to die to remind us that life is short. And, we have the same conversations every time. About how life is short. And, then, we forget. Again.

No more.


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