Minimalism: 4 Things I Did Today and 10 Things I Must Do Going Forward

I’ve been a wannabe minimalist for a while now. Over a year ago, I came across Courtney Carver’s Project 333 and her website Be More With Less and it pretty much changed the way I look at life. And stuff. I got really inspired to declutter physically and mentally. And, since then, I’ve done a pretty decent job. My closet is always organized. I work (rather unsuccessfully) at keeping crap out of my house.

But, admittedly, it’s hard to live a clutter-free life when you live with others who don’t share that passion and drive to eliminate the unnecessary. I have to work harder at accepting that my priorities and their priorities don’t have to be the same.

In the spirit of advancing my journey, today, I did (and learned) a few little things that will help me along the way:

1. I took care of a simple task that I have been putting off for months. I don’t know why I was putting it off, but I was. It took all of ten minutes. It involved making a phone call to a mobile phone company. And, the result is saving $50/month.

2. I cancelled a monthly makeup (sample) subscription. I signed up for it right before I came across the idea of minimalism because I was seeing it all over social media and all my friends were doing it. Every month, the little pink bag comes in the mail and instead of excitement, I feel guilt. So, I logged into my account and clicked cancel. (Woah, that was hard, no wonder I didn’t do it sooner.) I’ve paid in advance so I’ll get a few more pink bags in the mail, but the guilt will be gone because I cancelled that damn subscription.

3. I started purging paper. This has been on my list for a long time. It’s kinda where I stalled. Because it’s boring. I thought. But, it actually feels good. And I’m pathetically looking forward to continuing tomorrow. And, when I’m done, I’m going to have a bonfire in the snow like Courtney Carver did with two years’ worth of journals.

4. I discovered The Minimalists and this post (which has really inspired me):

I think everyone needs to know how to make a damn decision (their words). I have always thought that I generally exude extra awesomeness in this area. But I really, really LOVE this approach. And, in the spirit of giving it my all, here is my Must List:

  • I must get rid of all my junk.
  • I must remember to be grateful for all the things I love (which are mostly people and not things).
  • I must not concern myself with other people’s junk.
  • I must eat healthier food.
  • I must drink more water.
  • I must get 10,000 steps every single day.
  • I must continue to write (because I love to write).
  • I must not care if people read/enjoy/comment on what I write.
  • I must stop judging others.
  • I must stop the snark.

So, there it is. I have successfully turned all some of the things I should do into things I must do. Because I’m pretty damn sick of feeling guilty about the things I should do. I could keep going. But this is an ambitious enough start.

What “shoulds” would you like to turn into “musts”???

4 thoughts on “Minimalism: 4 Things I Did Today and 10 Things I Must Do Going Forward

  1. I do wonder sometimes why it is that the simplest/smallest tasks are the hardest to get started and do. For example, I need to dust off my nightstand. It isn’t hard to do and I’m pretty sure it will take about 3 minutes to put the junk on it away and about 30 seconds to dust it. But I still haven’t done it… I just know i should do it. Ah, the craziness of life! Perhaps I’ll go do it right now!


  2. I have so many shoulds I need to turn into musts….
    I must go out more,
    I must play more often with my children,
    I must give up nicotine altogether,
    Must book my summer hols,
    Must save money,
    Must cancel three subscriptions I don’t need,
    Must write everyday
    yay! And the list goes on 🙂


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