So very sick of the sickies.

img_1234It all started last Monday. Sitting in the office, working on whatever the urgent priority of the day was, when I mumbled something incoherent to a co-worker and she said, “Are you ok?!?” Then I realized, Shit, I’m getting another cold.

Since early November, it has been one ailment after another for me. I have lost count of the number of times that I’ve been ill. It started with a strep infection in my eye right before my husband and I were heading to Mexico. It was so bad, my eye was swollen shut. Luckily it was mostly cleared up in time for our trip. Then, while in Mexico, I got the mother of all cold sores. Followed by an extreme sore throat. I was over that just in time to come home. Fun times abound.

Then, in early December, right after an incredibly busy time at work and the day after a major event, I got slammed with the cold from hell. Which I was still suffering from when I went to my staff Christmas party and contracted food poisoning along with about 150 others. And, I had another cold in January right before my eye surgery.

So, anyway, last week, I had a stuffy nose, a mild sore throat. It wasn’t a big deal. It wasn’t getting better, but it wasn’t getting worse. Then Wednesday came and our sitter noted that our boy wasn’t feeling the best. That night and the following day he had a fever. Kind of a raw, dry cough. Friday our daughter had a fever. And, by Saturday both my husband and I had raw, irritated coughs.

It hit my husband hard. He was tired. No appetite. Chills. Aches. He stayed home from work on Monday, so you know he was really sick. Meanwhile, I was feeling moderately superior. No fever, no achiness.  Just a little cold, I thought. My immune system has obviously strengthened itself these past few months. It’s not affecting me that badly.

My husband mentioned that we should have gotten around to getting the flu shot…which we normally do. I said, “It’s not the flu, silly…the kids are already better, it’s just a little cold.”

Then, yesterday happened. I went to work…and my hips and back were aching. Even though I had been too “lazy” to work out. I robbed some Tylenol from a co-worker and got through most of the day ok. But, my mind was getting foggy in the afternoon. I chalked it up to the horrible night sleep I had the night before. Definitely NOT influenza.

Then, at home after work, my everything hurt. I swear, my kidneys hurt. My lower back hurt. My hips…oh my goodness…my hips. My thighs. My knees. The fact that I went to bed without taking any drugs…is beyond my understanding even now. How I could “not think” to take pain medication when I was clearly dying from pain is an anomaly for sure. Especially, when I had just pointed out to my husband the day before how silly it was not to take it. Advil made the difference between zombie-like and play-all-day for the kids.

At 5:30 this morning, the pain was so much that I was sure I was dying from an incurable disease. I somehow made my way downstairs and took three extra-strength ibuprofen before crawling back up the stairs, shutting off my alarm and slipping back into bed.

Can I just say, the inventors of ibuprofen are my heroes??? Within 30 minutes, I could feel the pain slipping away. It was the greatest of moments. I slept. Until 11:30. Which is beyond unheard of for me.

The pain started coming back about an hour ago. Let me tell you, there was no delay in reaching for the bottle of acetametaphine (sp?). Let’s just hope it can measure up to my new best buddy, ibuprofen.

I am in awe of people who live with chronic pain of any kind. The kind that is always there. The kind that doesn’t respond to conventional pain medicine. Because, suffering for just a day or two, in between doses of pain medication has been almost more than I can take.

Here is hoping this is the last ailment for a while. I’m sick of being sick. If anyone needs me, I’ll be in my room.

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