Discussions Between Littles

Last night, we were lectured by a certain seven-year-old about how often we eat some form of chicken and rice for dinner. And how she wishes we could eat good food, like pizza and chicken nuggets. (We are on week two of a healthy-eating trend.) So, tonight, I stopped being sick long enough to make taco bowls, much to the delight of these guys: While adding toppings to their ground-turkey filled, baked tortillas, (no need to end the healthy eating) this discussion happened:

Boy: When I’m a grown up, I can make what I want for supper, right?

Girl: Yeah, until you get married, then your wife will decide. 

Boy: I’m never getting married. 

Oh dear. What are we teaching them? These are not the lessons they are supposed to be learning. And for the love of all that is good….LOOK at their shirts!?! 🙂

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