Lessons I wish my children didn’t have to learn the hard way: Post Number 2

So, I created this blog with the intent of posting every day…but as I seem to have said more than once today…even the best laid plans… So, some eye surgery has had me away from the screen, but that’s ok.

So, here’s something else I wish my kids (and all humans) could know and understand right now:

You are enough. You’re not more than enough. You’re not less than enough. You’re exactly enough.

Don’t let your ego convince you that you are better than anyone else. Don’t let your self-doubt tell you that you’re less than anyone else. Apples vs Oranges. Different. Cannot be compared.

You know that saying, “Fake it ’till you make it”? Don’t. You don’t need to fake it. You’re enough. You don’t have to know everything. You don’t have to be everything. Be humble. Admit to yourself and to others when you are unsure of something. People respect honesty. Confidence and humility are not mutually exclusive. Be self assured and humble.

Believe that who you are is good enough – it is. Don’t ever be afraid that you don’t measure up. There is no measuring. Apples vs Oranges. The only person on this earth you need to compare yourself to today is who you were yesterday. Overcome your own obstacles and know that they are not the same as your siblings’, your friends’, your teachers’, or your moms’.

When you accomplish something and are feeling proud of yourself or when you stumble and are feeling inferior, remember this: that accomplishment or stumbling block is not a comparison of your worth compared to someone else’s.

When you succeed, you have every right to be proud…you fought personal battles to reach your goal. You overcame personal obstacles. You made important decisions along the way. Decisions that were right for you. Your accomplishment is a win by you, for you; and you deserve a pat on the back. But, be humble. Remember, someone else working towards the same achievement fights different battles, overcomes different obstacles.

When you stumble, be kind to yourself. The same holds true. You have fought personal battles, have overcome personal obstacles and have made important decisions. And, that is enough. You are enough.

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