Decisions, Decisions

Every day, we make hundreds of choices: sometimes they’re mindless and sometimes we agonize over them. Some of us go on instinct and intuition others on facts and research.

Is it just me, or are the choices that should be easy peasy the ones we mess up on most? Like what we eat, how we treat someone, what we accomplish in the run of a day.

We know we need to make healthy food choices…but, so often, we choose not to go with the healthy option. Or, we eat an entire tin of Quality Street chocolates in one sitting. (Hey, no judging here!)

We know we should be patient and kind with our kids and loved ones, but so often, we snap at them and, in doing so, choose to crush a little bit of their spirit.

We have big goals we want to reach, but so often, we choose to sit on the couch and binge-watch Netflix instead of taking the small steps necessary to get us where we want to go.

Why is it so hard to make what should be easy choices? I just don’t get it. And we use the new year as a new springboard to start being the people we really want to be….but then, inevitably, we make a series of bad choices and stop trying altogether.

It seems like I resolve to be a better me every single day, but then I make the same bad choices I made yesterday and every day before that. Why do I do that?

Sigh . Luckily tomorrow’s a new day. I bet I’ll do better. 🙂

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