My Best Self

At what part of the day are you your best self? For me, without a doubt, I am my best self….when I am sleeping… Uh.  Sort of.

It’s actually those few precious moments just before real sleep begins or, if I am lucky enough to wake naturally (as opposed to by kid or alarm) those few moments between sleep and wakefulness.

Those are the moments when I am kindest, most forgiving, most determined, most committed. Those are the moments when I can easily determine right from wrong and when my heart is softest.

This morning I was laying in bed thinking about grumpiness. And how the holidays have been taxing on my nerves. And my family members’ nerves. And how, so often, my default voice is grouchy. Or exasperated. Or, at my worst, mean. I was thinking about how all of us should stop taking out our personal crabbiness out on those around us. It usually has nothing to do with them anyway. Really.

So, anyway, being my best self when I’m in bed is not really ideal, right? Because, then, inevitably, BAM! Someone is fighting, or spilled milk, or is making me get out of bed when I’m not quite ready. And my best self is replaced with my sighing, exasperated, grouchy self.

Enter blog. Now, I have captured the thoughts of my best self. So, I can remember them. They didn’t disappear with those last few minutes of sleep I didn’t get. So there.

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